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We're Obsessed With Your Success

Step through our doors and meet a team of champions that have made it their mission to kick your butt. They will stretch you to your limit, push you harder than you've ever been pushed, make you sweat, laugh and, yes, celebrate your success every step of the way. They won't stop until you do. So, what are you waiting for?





FN Fitness Summit for Trainers!

Fitness Trainers! Mark your calendars – Saturday May 14 – for the FN Fitness Summit. Email angie@gofitnessnation.com right now to...


Embrace the Stretch – Yoga with Charlotte

Sign up now! YOGA with Charlotte- Embrace the Stretch! This class leaves you feeling stretched, balanced and in tune with...


NATION Transformation!

NATION!!! Here it is… something we have been hinting at for a few weeks…. and now we can finally share...


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  Quote Rotator
My fitness level is 10x better than when I was doing repetitive cardio 3x a week on machines. The classes are different and fun (and not boring, like workout equipment is)!
- Mark Kearney
The great thing about the Nation is they force you to concentrate on the little thing that maximize your workout sessions. You may hate them while you're in the moment; but you definitely feel and see the results after.
- Dean Harrison
I wanted to say thanks for you inspiring leadership & coaching. You've created an environment that strikes the right balance between learning technique, hard work & fun. Such phenomenal tips and feedback - it is such a pleasure learning from you guys!
- Diane Ferri
You make it fun, challenging. Motivating and different each week. Motivating, positive energy. Always Always Always satisfied at the end of my workout!! Keep up the great work!
- Angie Letta
Ever since I've been training with the guys at the NATION, I've been in the best shape of my life. I've never felt so strong and full of energy. I always look forward to our workouts because I never know what to expect. Each workout is different which always keeps it interesting & fun.
- Jonathan Romey
Every workout is motivating, new and challenging. I feel stronger and more confident. He pushes you without being pushy and makes every minute worth your while. His passion and energy is addictive. If you’re serious about health and well being, Fitness Nation is where you want to be.
- Larry Longo
It wasn’t until I started training at the NATION that I truly understood what a real workout was. Fun, unique styles and seriously motivating. I'm in the best shape of my life. This gym gives you a feeling of comfort, confidence and motivation. I would recommend Fitness Nation to everyone.
- Melissa Carraro
I love the energy level, music and the instructor participation (there's nothing like the instructor going through the exercise with you, so you know how to do it right!)
- Jeffrey Lentine
Classes are dynamic with new exercises each week. The instructors explain how & why to do it - which I really appreciate. We are pushed hard, but understand our limits and they engage equally with all members of the group. Amazing workouts and gym. Go Fitness NATION!
- Mike Magennis
I lost 40 lbs and 12 dress sizes since April!!! People don't even know it's me until I speak. You are the ultimate!
- Entenza Spyridoula

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