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We're Obsessed With Your Success

Step through our doors and meet a team of champions that have made it their mission to kick your butt. They will stretch you to your limit, push you harder than you've ever been pushed, make you sweat, laugh and, yes, celebrate your success every step of the way. They won't stop until you do. So, what are you waiting for?





FN Fitness Summit for Trainers!

Fitness Trainers! Mark your calendars – Saturday May 14 – for the FN Fitness Summit. Email angie@gofitnessnation.com right now to...


Embrace the Stretch – Yoga with Charlotte

Sign up now! YOGA with Charlotte- Embrace the Stretch! This class leaves you feeling stretched, balanced and in tune with...


NATION Transformation!

NATION!!! Here it is… something we have been hinting at for a few weeks…. and now we can finally share...


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  Quote Rotator
I like the enthusiasm at the NATION. Classes (systems) are a fun but tough and I really enjoy them. I am pleased with my fitness levels, and recently have started to see some great results. I attribute some of it to adding in Tae Kwon Do, and eating whole foods.
- Dawne Kostashuk
The classes are intense, but still fun. They make novices, like me, feel welcome...not just the high performance athletes.
- Ann Gray
Every week was different. Variety keeping you interested. The systems (classes) are fun and energetic for all levels of fitness and they provide exercises to do if you can’t make it to class. Continue what you're doing!
- Bryan Hendry
After 20 years at my job I decided to chase my lifelong dream of being a Police Officer. I thought it would be easy. Boy, was I wrong. It would take 3 long years of blood, sweat and tears. I have no doubt that it was only with Donovan's training and coaching that I succeeded.
- Sandy Stoyko
Every workout is motivating, new and challenging. I feel stronger and more confident. He pushes you without being pushy and makes every minute worth your while. His passion and energy is addictive. If you’re serious about health and well being, Fitness Nation is where you want to be.
- Larry Longo
You make it fun, challenging. Motivating and different each week. Motivating, positive energy. Always Always Always satisfied at the end of my workout!! Keep up the great work!
- Angie Letta
Your positive attitude & ability to cut to the bottom line without the bullsh*t - that is what makes you really amazing at what you do!!!!
- Sonja Jones
I can get an amazing workout in just 10 minutes with them!!
- Sheila Aue
Ever since I've been training with the guys at the NATION, I've been in the best shape of my life. I've never felt so strong and full of energy. I always look forward to our workouts because I never know what to expect. Each workout is different which always keeps it interesting & fun.
- Jonathan Romey
They devised a fitness program specifically designed to address my needs and body capabilities. Looking forward to kick-ass 2012 at Fitness Nation.
- Joe Fakhri

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